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Sign City is all the buzz in the sign company franchise world. We offer signs banners, vehicle wraps, decals, stickers and commercial printing. Our headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio so give us a call if you would like a quote for business signs, flags, channel letters, a frame signs, window and wall wraps, trade show signs or business cards, brochures and screen printing t-shirts. Also, if you have ever thought about owning your own business, go to our website to find out more about franchise opportunities and owning your own Sign City franchise business. Sign City is Better By Design!

Logo Coffee Mugs


Ever want to leave a client or potential customer with a useful gift they’ll use every day? Get them a custom coffee mug for their morning routine. Many offices appreciate free mugs to replace their old, grungy drinkware. A coffee mug is the most used tool at many businesses. Give them something they’ll be sure to hang on to; give them a mug with your logo on it.


Your run-of-the-mill mug is the most standard drinkware that gets printed on. Let us know what you’re interested in and what you’d like to accomplish with your gifts. Our designers are trained and have the skills to put together the perfect solution for you. We know what colors work best – not just for your design, but for printing on unique materials like ceramic. Be a part of a balanced breakfast (or just a caffeinated one) with a beautifully printed mug.


Or, on the flip side, print dozens of mugs for internal use at your business. This is a great way to ensure that your mugs and teacups stay put if you own a small café. If they’re beautiful enough, you can sell them to passionate customers who want to show off their love for your brand. Even if you’re a start-up or small office, encourage clients to share their love of you with a complimentary mug. Show some office style with branded mugs that get set out for meetings and let attendees know they’re free to take it with them if they want.


There are plenty of ways to surprise people with a mug. And it will get you valuable advertising space in the morning, when someone is thinking about what they should do that day.


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Look Great With Professional Menu Boards


No one can count how many menu boards we have seen in our lifetime, or let alone the past year. Like all other forms of design, menu boards hang high in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They range from basic chalkboards to magnetic strip catalogs, there’s always variety to present a customer with all of the available food choices. Although a normal person might not be able to recall most menu boards they’ve looked at in the past, a display that’s informative and easy to decipher keeps customers happy.


Accessibility is the first priority in designing a great menu board. When a customer walks into a restaurant with a particular dish in mind (whether it’s a sandwich, soup, or salad) it should be instantly known if the food is available. If not, clean organization can steer their eyes toward specific categories eventually revealing other options.


Plenty of restaurants tend to use specialty names to describe food items which usually confuse customers, left wondering what’s in the dish. Descriptions are important. If a customer is clueless as to what’s in an entrée, they most likely won’t order it. The same applies with having a legible font; pricing influences what customers order, there shouldn’t be issues differentiating a “3” from a “5”.


Featuring photos of well-presented dishes not only makes the entire menu board more visually appealing, it piques a customer’s curiosity to try the dish. Some people decide to stay in their comfort zone when ordering food — photos give them an opportunity to explore your menu and increase the likelihood they’ll be repeat customers.


We thrive on crafting memorable menu boards. Restaurants aren’t our only specialty; we specialize in solutions for beauty salons and many other applications. There are plenty of affordable options: we’re capable of everything from regular dimensional menu boards to digital ones. Let us stylize a captivating look for your company by requesting a quote today!


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Create Eye-Catching Sell Sheets at Sign City!

You and your company have just created an amazing product that took much planning and hard work. You are ecstatic about its release and can’t wait to tell everyone about how much better his or her life will be with your new creation. Now you have one final decision: how are you going to tell everyone about it? Most companies use sell sheets to tell people about the launch of new products. Sell sheets work like a brochure or a pamphlet and tell customers the great new features and benefits of a product. It is imperative that you have someone you trust create your sell sheets. A poorly designed sell sheet will cause customers to lose faith in your ability to produce quality product and will ultimately lead to lower sales. But don’t worry; Sign City is here to handle all of your sell sheet needs!


Sell sheets need to pack a lot of information onto a small sheet. Without proper design, your sell sheets could look crowded and be hard to read. At Sign City, we have high-resolution printing to make sure that your message comes across clearly. You can trust our top-notch designers to create content and images that reflect positively on your brand image.


You will want to make sure that your company name and logo is displayed on your sell sheets so that your works get attributed to your business. We have a complete color palette to choose from so your company colors will shine bright. In addition, our printing capabilities make sure that your name and logo are easy to read.


Sell sheets are a great way to advertise your products and services to new or established clients. Be confident announcing new work will sell sheets that are beautiful and custom. Contact Sign City today to hear about our competitive pricing and great services!

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Accentuate With Awnings

Awnings do more than protect your business from harsh sunlight and keep your windows from causing a glare; they’re also a great place for advertising! A building without awnings often looks unfinished and unwelcoming. Window coverings like awnings will do much to complete the look of your business as well as provide a great place for promoting your business and services!


With a nearly unlimited selection of colors and designs to choose from, Sign City will make sure that your business gets noticed by adding your signature color to your windows. Whether you’re a business owner with a signature color such as Starbucks’ green, Dunkin’ Donuts’ orange, or Panda Express’ red, or you just want to complement the look of your building, we’ve got you covered. Our awnings are fade-resistant so they will look vibrant for many years. Additionally, Sign City can add graphics to your window awnings so they can advertise your promotions or company name and logo.


Sign City window awnings are durable, too, so you don’t have to worry about how rain, snow, or sunlight will affect them. Our awnings are made with aluminum frames that won’t rust, covers that won’t wrinkle, and UL listed lighting that comes mounted and wired. Sign City awnings come in almost any size or shape, so any or all of your windows can have a colorful advertisement added to them.


Take pride in the look of your business and accentuate it with Sign City window awnings. Also, don’t forget to check out our window graphics, so that your windows and awnings do some of your marketing for you. We have highly competitive pricing so your new look is trendy and affordable. Don’t hesitate; contact Sign City Detroit today for more information on pricing, styles, and features.

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Customize Your Portfolio at Sign City


One of the most effective ways to advertise is with items that people see daily. When you have a business meeting with clients or partners, chances are you carry a portfolio into the meeting. At Sign City, you can customize your portfolio so it has your company logo on it, or you can leave it blank. Either way, a stunning portfolio case is sure to catch everyone’s eyes.


Why is a portfolio so important? Your portfolio is often where you carry some of your most important documents. A great portfolio is both functional and stylish. Sign City provides unique portfolios that you can customize to all of your needs. We offer a range of colors and styles to choose from so that your portfolio stands out. Additionally, our portfolios are affordable, so you can create one that’s right for you or buy in bulk to raise brand awareness.


Why advertise on a portfolio? Placing a company logo or graphic on a portfolio is a creative way to get your brand name out there. Your portfolio will be on display when you have important work to do, and having your company logo on such a useful device reinforces your image of reliability and ingenuity.


Take your advertising to the next level with a customizable portfolio from Sign City! Contact us today for prices and styling options.


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Get the Message Across With an LED Message Board

Sometimes, traditional signs just don’t get the message of your company across. Maybe your promotions change frequently and you need up-to-date technology to take care of these changes. Let your company’s promotions and logo be seen day or night with a special LED message board from Sign City.


What is an LED message board? An LED message board is often used alongside a lightbox sign to provide additional information on a company’s products and services. The message board acts as a banner to display a company motto, promotions, or business hours.


When is a message board useful? All the time! With a message board, you can change the message as frequently as you need to, without the hassle of ladders or stick-on letters. Also, a message board isn’t affected by rain, snow, fog, or time of day. The LED board makes sure that your message is read clearly, day or night. Message boards are not only practical, but also eye-catching. They make your business get noticed, and show that your business has valuable services.


Start getting your message across with a customizable LED message board from Sign City today!


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Best Vehicles for Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are being used more and more nowadays as automotive paint increases in price and printing technology gets better and cheaper. Vehicle wraps can cover the entire exterior of any sized vehicle and they can come in any design imaginable. Vehicle wraps can even be made out of material that stays cool in the sun whereas cars that are simply painted can become incredibly hot.


When choosing a vehicle wrap to promote your business, the first big decision that you have to make is what type of vehicle you should cover. Sign City Detroit has put together a list of tips and advice to help you make this important decision and others.


- Your vehicle should fit your business. If you own an organic vegetable stand that runs on solar power, it would not make sense for your promotional vehicle to be a gas guzzling Hummer. A Prius would probably be a better choice.


- The bigger the better. Vehicles are like billboards in that the larger they are; the easier they are to see. The same goes for the advertisements and graphics on them. Trucks and vans are the vehicles most commonly covered with vehicle wraps. They are long and tall vehicles with flat surfaces that are easy to see and read.


- Don’t be conservative. There is no point in wrapping your entire automobile in one plain color! Get creative with your design and add images of your products, logo, staff, mascot or anything else that looks interesting. You want your vehicle to be eye catching when it rolls down the highway.


- Get a matching set. Consistency is important when trying to build your brand. Having a full fleet of completely different looking company vehicles can dilute your brand in the eye of the consumer. You should strive to have each vehicle look the same so that each one is instantly associated with your business.

Contact Sign City in Detroit, Michigan to learn about our vehicle wrap options.

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Screen Printed Custom T-shirts Stand the Test of Time

Did you know that screen printing has been used in one form or another since 960 AD? It first appeared in China and soon spread throughout the western world. Screen printing is recognized as one of the most versatile forms of printing. It can be used across a wide variety of materials including glass and plastic but is best known today for its application to create screen printed custom t-shirts. These are universally preferred over other forms because they are inexpensive, durable, and capable of standing the test of time. Unlike iron-on transfers that crack and peel off or air brushing which tends to fade, screen printing involves chemically adhering a design to the shirt so color stays vibrant and the design never cracks or peels.


Screen printed custom t-shirts are perfect for any occasion. Our Detroit graphic design company has helped business looking to outfit employees, softball teams needing a team shirt, and even political campaigns seeking to spread their message. Our screen printers take great pride in their work and our equipment is top-notch. We painstakingly check every detail of your design before applying it to the shirt and our machines are regularly cleaned, checked, and maintained so we can make sure that everything is working properly and nothing prevents your shirts from turning out perfect.


Another great feature of screen printed custom t-shirts that make them a great choice is that no design is too simple or too complex. At Sign City Detroit, we’ve created thousands of designs for customers large and small. Some have been as simple as a few words across the chest and others have involved intricate designs containing complex logos and multiple colors. Our screen printing process is streamlined and allows us to turn out a large number of shirts in a short amount of time. Sign City Detroit can handle orders of any size and guarantees a speedy turnaround.


Interested in outfitting your team? Contact Sign City Detroit today to learn how our screen printed custom t-shirts can make you stand out!

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Maximize Your Signage with Floor Graphics

Most businesses do not realize that they have tons of extra space within their offices that is being underutilized from an advertising perspective. The floor is one spot with huge advertising potential that most people don’t take advantage of. Whether you own a pet supply store, gym, garage, or even a large office building floor graphics from Sign City Detroit can add color, creativity and personality to your business.


Ground-level advertising can be an attention grabbing asset but it is nothing new. Think of professional basketball courts with team logos. Teams know that their fans are constantly looking at the floor so they prominently display advertisements, logos, and even twitter hashtags there. Even if your product isn’t set on the floor, you can still benefit from floor graphics. We all look down when we walk, sit, and stand. Since most floors are very plain, any irregular design or graphic will catch your customer’s eye.


Like with all advertising, it is important to understand your target audience and develop a clear strategy with a goal in mind when using floor graphics. It is also crucial that you make sure your floor graphics are made out of durable material that is capable of standing up to lots of foot traffic and a the ever-changing Detroit, Michigan weather if your graphic is outside.


Sign City Detroit has worked with hundreds of Detroit, Michigan businesses to create hazard signs, logos, eye catching creative pieces and other floor graphics. We can print in any size and on a wide variety of materials. If you would like to learn more about how our commercial printing experts can help you, call us today at 1 (734) 744-6400.

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Custom Folder Printing: Presentation is Everything

When you are presenting for your business, it is important to exude professionalism. You undoubtedly put a lot of thought into what you wear to important meetings, whether you operate a dressed-down bicycle shop or a are retail technology vendor, what you wear evokes the spirit of your business. Shouldn’t your business collateral do the same? A small investment in custom folder printing can go a long way towards giving your presentation or meeting a professional feel.


Sign City offers a wide variety of custom printing and graphics solutions. Something simple such as adding your logo to a presentation folder can take your presentation to a new level. You will look prepared, professional, and well put together. Custom folder printing also provides business folders that can be reused countless time. This saves you money, time, and resources. Extra touches like a gloss finish can add a lot to these sorts of items. This and many other options are available when you choose Sign City’s custom folder printing services. The more your clients reuse these folders, the more potential you have to get new business. Letting a client or partner hang on to materials like this is almost free B2B marketing. Every time they or one of their coworkers, clients, or partners see your logo on materials around their office, they’ll remember your presentation or be curious about who you are and what you do. The value of a branded folder extends well beyond the initial meeting.


Custom folder printing can also spruce up the inside of any business folder. At Sign City, you’ll have hundreds of folder designs to choose from. We offer folders with special pockets for marketing materials, tabs for business cards, pockets for CDs and DVDs, and even flash drive pockets. Pick the item that best fits your needs and we will customize it to fit your brand.


Browse our catalog of possibilities online then contact us or give us a call today to learn more Sign City’s custom folder printing services.

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